A stylish way to spice up your sex life — MacWorld
Really exciting and entertaining app! — Wired
A stylish way to spice up your sex life — MacWorld
Really exciting and entertaining app! — Wired

Lovingly written and illustrated exclusively for our apps, iKamasutra® brings thousands of years of Kama Sutra experimentation into one incredibly fun and sensual app.

Find out what over 20 million lovers are smiling about

  • There's a position for that

    We've included 110 of the most popular sexual positions to motivate and inspire you. (Even more are available through in-app purchase from our Love Store.) There are nine categories—everything from Spooning to Cowgirl, Doggy Style to Exotic—featuring descriptions that are professionally written and easy to follow so you'll quickly move into position.

  • Stretch to your limits

    Track your progress from Novice to Kama Sutra Grand Master by marking every position you try, and save positions you just have to try on your To Do list. There is even a Favorites section so you always have quick access to the ones you can't live without. Ready for more? The Places challenge will keep track of where you make love, and the Movie section lets you relive positions from your favorite films.

  • Shake it, baby

    Ask your partner to shake the phone to choose a random new position. You can also swipe left or right to view the next position, or rotate to landscape for a full-screen slideshow on your phone. Get into the groove with soothing built-in sitar music, and let iKamasutra® find additional positions for you based on different levels of intimacy, complexity and strength.

  • Share the love

    Want to be the envy of all your friends? iKamasutra® lets you share positions and your progress on Twitter & Facebook. If you're shy, don't worry: you can also password protect the app to keep your desires private and safe.

  • Email just got sexy again

    iKamasutra® lets you email positions to your partner any time of day, right from the app! It's not only sexy, but a great way to excite and inspire you between sessions. No time for email? Share positions with your partner by Facebook and Twitter, or view Today's Position and get busy!

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